New Reserves management reports linking Reserves to Project timelines


  • Background
    The Netherlands’ production forecasts based on SPE-PRMS
  • Project monitoring
    Reasons for stronger focus
    Reserves forecasting
    Production forecasting
  • Economics Implementation in resource managment system
  • Future plans


Goals for Resource Management System

  • Swap internal system with a commercial delivery in securing regular M&S and specialized reports
  • Ability to produce standard and specialized reports quickly
  • Reduce use of large spread-sheets for routine work
  • Direct input of operator’s information
  • Efficient links to selected internal systems
  • Secure and use historic data back to 1956
  • Full license history with all partners listed
  • A system, not used only for end of year booking but for regular business processes like:

Produce monthly KPIs
Reports on all operator projects to monitor status
Produce long term forecasts for strategic energy planning

Challenges in Dutch sector

  • Production is on decline
  • Need to have a better future production forecast

When and where to develop discoveries
When and where to drill prospects
Where to search for new prospects

  • Which infrastructure to keep or rebuild
  • How to fill capacity of pipelines
  • Switch to “green” compressors


 Summary of Project functionality specification

  • Projects could be defined across different assets
  • Focus on the maturation of resources due to enhanced recovery
  • Connect reserves replacement to economics and timeline
  • EBN currently monitor some 600 projects defined and reported by the operators
  • EBN is also looking into some 250 projects which they consider to be extra potential and which will be discussed with the operators
  • Functionality for risking the different projects and schedules will be considered. This will give an even better understanding of the potential and possibility of maturing resources to reserves

 Input format

Reserves replacement within a project portfolio


Benefits of Project functionality

  • Possible to follow up a large number of projects systematically
  • Easier to be a more proactive and efficient partner focusing on important KPIs

Switch of focus to setting goals for each project
Recommends new projects to operators

  • Operators have to classify plans according to standards

Set focus on scheduling of all project phases
Set focus on future reserves replacement

  • Linking of economics to future reserves replacement
  • Align plans according to infrastructure changes

Benefits if used on a national level

  • Production prognosis will be more realistic since the focus is on probable production start-up of projects within an overall plan
  • Follow up on companies plans for IOR/EOR-projects will be easier since deviation from existing plans are visualized
  • IOR/EOR-potential for a country can be quantified and scheduled Prognosis for enhanced recovery will be more realistic